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Start Your Own Business-$100/h

 Running bathtub reglazing business You will get:

  1. Very good hourly rate - $100/hour – easy
  2. It is no need for license and mandatory insurance.
  3. Be your own boss and enjoy incredible flexibility.
  4. It is “easy to sell” business and it is not a problem to find customers, because compare to spray our product never peeling off, if faucet dripped or tenant use bath mat , ZERO SMELL PRODUCT AND PROCESS . 
  5. It is 100 % recession proof.
  6. Sky limited market.
  7. Almost zero start up cost.



No orange peel or brush marks, no overspray and dust, no masking and taping.


Gives perfect mirror gloss finish that cannot be done with spraying, brushing or rolling of any other products available on the market.


No toxic fume. Nearly zero volatile organic content.


Coating thickness is about 1/16’’ . It’s minimum 10X times thicker than thickness of sprayed or rolled coat of regular epoxy or polyurethane paint.

Here is 2 different way for restoration bathtubs: Our odorless bathtub reglazing process and dusty bathtub refinishing (spray) application, watch what is different

Odorless Bathtub reglazing application Dusty bathtub refinishing (spray) application

For those who want to learn how to start bathtub reglazing business and how to work with Liquid Tub Liners product, we offer ONLINE training classes.

Our lead instructors Mike and Paul have 12 years of traditional spraying experience and also over 4000 tubs done with Liquid tub liner product.

They will teach you all nuances of the Liquid Tub Liners product and how to run a successful bathtub reglazing business with it.

Our bathtub reglazing business tutorial is divided in two chapters - Technical and Business:

Technical part includes:

  1. Types of the bathtubs and their preparation.
  2. Differences in preparation depending on the type of the bathtub.
  3. Etches – market review and recommendation.
  4. Claw foot tub reglazing – inside and outside.
  5. Body work – chip and scratches, rust spots and holes repair on different types of the tubs.
  6. Vanities and sinks preparation and reglazing .
  7. Storage and transportation of the product.
  8. Temperature requirements.
  9. Safety requirements.
  10. Application of Liquid Tub Liner.

Business chapter includes:

  1. Ways to advertise yourself on the current market and how to find potential customers.
  2. How to make good impression and make your customers never want to use anyone else but you.
  3. Basic business paper work – invoices, proposals, warranty certificates and e.t.c.

We offer technical support by phone 224-616-1766 

Take FREE online training Watch the Video  Application Tutorial First HERE

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