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Care Information

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After Reglazing Care Information

You should allow at least 36 hours with room temperature before using your refinished Bathtub.

Bathtub can be put back into full use but even after that time the surface may continue to harden for up to 2 weeks. Because of that do not use any products with coloring effects.

Treat your refinished Bathtub as you would to new items. Never use abrasive cleaners or abrasive pad. You may use baking soda, but not often because it may little bit reduce bathtub gloss.

Regular cleaning is important to prevent soap scum build-up that will be hard to remove once it hardens and mar the beauty of the finish. Same can occurs under bathmat.

For normal once a week cleaning the whole tub, you should remove any stuff from it and use a mild soap and water with a soft wash cloth.

DO NOT USE Comet or Ajax, steel wool, wire brushes, harsh abrasives, any cleaning products with BLEACH, ammonia or cleaners containing ammonia, or scratch pads. Use of these chemicals would cause a dull surface.

Try to USE ONLY recommended products below.


Should you wish to use a product not listed below, always test on small area in a corner before applying to the entire surface.

Always review individual cleaner’s instructions, and always gently rub and rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Plastic cleaning pads and or brush designed for use on bathtub surfaces generally are fine too use. Do not allow any cleaners to remain on the surface for an extended period before thoroughly rinsing off.

Soaps are generally Alkaline in nature, meaning they have a higher PH than 7.2 which is considered neutral. High PH Alkaline or low PH Acidic cleaners can mar or damage most surfaces. Especially if left down for extended periods.

Also, do not use any automatic spraying cleaning (refreshing) systems on bathtubs. It may continuously spray agent aggressive for refinished bathtub in one place which will lead to stains on surface.

Because the surface is still curing after reglazing, normal use and regular cleaning will remove all minor new surface dust marks. Once you put the shower curtain back up and start using the tub, you’ll no longer notice this.

Drain Cleaners: Liquid drain cleaners are recommended over powders and/or crystal.

However, when using liquid drain cleaning agents bail the standing water out of the bathtub completely and remove the tub drain plug if present.

Using a sponge get as much water out of the tub’s drain as possible. If you’re up to it a small diameter, clear vinyl tubing can be inserted into the drain and you can suck some of the water out. Avoid getting it in your mouth ;-)

Use a funnel to prevent spills and apply the chemicals directly down the drain, slowly, allowing them to work. Always make sure that chemicals do not come in contact with the new surface.

If it does wipe up immediately. Use drain cleaners sparingly so that they do not boil out and attack the new surface. Allow time for the chemicals to work.

Snaking out thru the overflow is the better option to remove hair built up.

Got A Dog?

Washing your dog in a refinished tub, it’s a good idea to put down a rubber bathmat or towel on the tubs bottom. One so they will feel secure and safe. We don’t won’t them to dig into the refinished tubs surface. Also place a towel over the tubs rail so when they climb out they won’t dig into the tubs rail with their toe nails when getting out.

Important Tips For Cleaning Caring For A Refinished Bathtub:

Refinishing your bathroom tub is an effective option to the high cost of remodeling, but does require some common-sense care to extend the service life. The suggestions on this page are true for new fixtures as well.

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